Managed vs unmanaged


After we perform your initial install we will keep your system up and running.  When your system is down you will be notified by our monitoring software.  You can initiate a clean install of your platform by using our Web Panel.

Mainly this option is a good solution for a experience system engineer.  If your knowledge of operating system is limited than we strongly advise you to opt-in for our managed services.



For a monthly fee we will "manage" your VPS like it was one of ours. Following services will be performed on your VPS

  • full monitoring with notifications at critical levels
  • regular patches/updates of your operating system
  • daily backup on our centralized backup system
  • monthly 1 hour of hands-on support included; extra hours at discount rate
  • monthly forecast of your infrastructure needs
  • priority level in our migration path
  • installation & support on all approved middleware applications
  • security management
  • Service Level Agreement

How to order ?

Send us a mail or select "managed services" when ordering.