Our facility is fully redundant with all major subsystems configured for N+1 active/active operation. We constantly review the utilization of all subsystems and pre-emptively increase capacity so that surges in demand don’t affect our customers. A series of checks and tests performed at regular intervals guarantee that both active and stand-by equipment is operational at all times.

Below, you will find a summary of the major subsystems composing the Datacenter infrastructure.


Power Subsystem

The Datacenters facility has a dedicated high voltage cabinet with 630kVA capacity and an upgrade path up to 2500kVA. Utility power is provided over redundant industrial underground power feeds.

In the unlikely event of a utility power outage, our facility is equipped with a 630kVA (in-service upgradeable to 2500 kVA) UPSwhich will take over, simultaneously turning on a diesel generator. This configuration assures continuous power availability for up to 12 hours in the event of a utility power outage in a completely unattended fashion.

Datacenters also maintains ties with several fuel suppliers capable of regularly refuelling the diesel generator. Since all components of the power system are redundant as well as in-service upgradeable and serviceable, this arrangement guarantees that uninterrupted power is available to our customers even during prolonged unavailability of utility power.

UPS Subsystem

Power to individual cages and private rooms is provisioned in an A+B configuration, with the infrastructure capable of providing at least 32A at 220V of power per rack throughout the entire facility.

The entire power system is implemented using state of the art electric switching equipment, and regularly reviewed, tested, and pre-emptively upgraded to allow sufficient margin for unexpected usage peaks.

Out of concern for the environment, Datacenters proudly uses 100% green renewable power provided by Luminus.


HVAC System

Cooling for the facility is provided by a central redundant HVACsystem which is kept at no more than 50% load at all times. This system can be maintained and scaled in-service.

The system is configured to maintain both constantly low temperature and stable humidity level throughout the facility at all times. This helps prolong the service lifetime of all equipment located at the Datacenter.

In combination with cold corridor solutions, Datacenters can provide customers with adequate heat removal capacity to meet the requirements of even the most demanding equipment at the highest density.


Access Control

The facility and all cages and private rooms are secured through a central INCERT-certified alarm system that utilizes a combination of access badges and PIN codes.

All entrances are equipped with badge readers which provide access control and create an audit trail of all visitors.

CCTV cameras are installed at all points of entry and cover all sensitive areas within the facility. Additionally, a security contractor is engaged to patrol the facility regularly.

The equipment is monitored around the clock by both personnel and automated systems. In the event of any failure or emergency, Datacenters maintains immediate response support contracts covering all major and minor subsystems.

Fire Suppression

Fire Supression System

An advanced IG-55 fire suppression system that meets the requirements of both ISO 14520 and NFPA 2001 is installed at the facility. This environmentally responsible system is designed to quickly extinguish a fire without any risk to equipment or personnel. IG-55 is not electrically conductive and leaves no residue. This ensures that any activation of this system creates no impact on both immediate and long-term operation of equipment.

Smoke detectors are spread throughout the facility covering the datacenter floor, offices, and all service and access areas.

Fiber Access

Fiber ducts from more than 15 operators are available at the facility. The building has 3 separate fiber entrances eliminating the potential of service affecting outage resulting from physical damage to any part of the building or a specific duct.

Roof Access

For the convenience of customers that require radiocommunications antennas in tandem with their housed equipment, this datacenter erected a 7 meter heavy-duty antenna mast, providing a total elevation of 15 meters above ground level.

Combined with the unique location of our Zaventem datacenter facility, it places this datacenter in an ideal position for a regional WiMAX hub node, a GSM base station, or a microwave connectivity relay.